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Elizabeth A Clark



Stay up-to-date on new research, important topics, plus tips & recipes for Self-healers that I write about in the Experimental Betty Blog. Experimental Betty’s Self-healer Institute is about leveraging your body’s wisdom to take your health into your own hands. Women are the original biohackers and Self-healers… now we have quantitative and qualitative measures to test our “old wives’ tales”.

how to hack better sleep

Optimal sleep is all about bioenergetics. Check out this post to learn how to achieve optimal sleep through bioenergetics.

{no} Sugar coookies

If you miss your mom’s Christmas cookies, like me, you’ll want to check out this recipe for sugar-free & grain-free sugar cookies!

What is biohacking

Bio-hack-ing (n): Where all else fails meets by any means necessary. Are you a biohacker?


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