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Elizabeth A Clark, MS



Stay up-to-date on new research, important topics, plus tips & recipes for Self-healers that I write about in the Experimental Betty Blog. Experimental Betty is about leveraging your body’s wisdom to take your health into your own hands. Women are the original biohackers and Self-healers… let’s step back into our autonomous healing power, together.

[to be indoctrinated with all things Medical Astrology and Esoteric Herbalism, check out my Epinutritionist tab at the top of the page]

how to hack better sleep

Optimal sleep is all about bioenergetics. Check out this post to learn how to achieve optimal sleep through bioenergetics.

{no} Sugar coookies

If you miss your mom’s Christmas cookies, like me, you’ll want to check out this recipe for sugar-free & grain-free sugar cookies!

What is biohacking

Bio-hack-ing (n): Where all else fails meets by any means necessary. Are you a biohacker?


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