elizabeth A clark

I’m a self-taught, Self-healing Expert. Yes, I have the formal education background, experience, and credentials… but what really taught me how to heal myself was necessity.

After going through a lifetime of health issues I finally healed by activating my self-healing mechanism. Not only did I heal myself, but was able to implement the same techniques again and again to maintain resilience to my environment.

I’ve worked hard it, though. Optimal health is a goal of a lifetime and it doesn’t come easy. Trust me.

I specialize in teaching Self-healers the methods I used to activate my Self-healing mechanism to achieve their optimal health, too. There are at least 8 evidence-based ways to activate PGC1 alpha, your body’s own built-in Self-healer Pathway.

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I also drop sugar-free & grain-free recipes from time to time, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on healthier versions of your favorites that give you the “guilty pleasure” feeling minus the guilt.