In 2018, I started bundling my experience and expertise into free Webinar Masterclasses to help raise awareness. Another goal of mine was to make people feel less alone in their experiences.

I know what it’s like to struggle every single day with my health and, ultimately, my happiness. There are plenty of people out there telling you what your symptoms mean or how to fix them. The problem is that very few of them can combine their experience with actual formal expertise.

Without formal expertise you are subject to unsafe or unrealistic experimentation that often does more harm than good with no meaningful way to really measure the outcome. Without life experience you are left with Ivory Tower clinical studies that may or may not really apply to your situation, may not be an accurate representation of the data, and fully lack the intuitive aspect that is crucial in Self-healing.

So, as a solution I bring you the #SelfhealerForLife Webinar Masterclass and the #DepressionIsaSymptom Webinar Masterclass totally free of charge. You will receive insight that you can put into practice, immediately, but you’ll also receive an opportunity to work with me at huge discount in one of my Premier Programs.

They’re not short. You can plan to be watching for an hour or longer, but you’ll want to watch each of my Webinars to the very end. You can pause and come back to them, too. You can also listen to them in the car or on the plane while you travel.